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Research-TV produces cutting-edge research news stories on behalf of universities and research organisations. All stories are distributed to broadcasters around the world to use freely in their programmes and are available to watch in full on this website. Research-TV helps to connect research, discovery and innovation with broadcasters and the wider general public. (more)


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Featured Story 

The Complete Works of Shakespeare 

Jonathan Bate, Professor of Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature at the University of Warwick, has taken on the huge task of producing a new edition of the complete works of William Shakespeare.  It is the first complete works based on Shakespeares First Folio, to be produced since 1709 and certainly the first of it's kind this century.

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Please note that as of August 1 2007 only a select few of the Research-TV films will be available to view on line. For more information please click here.    

Forthcoming Stories: Tuesday 28th August - 12:15 GMT

Imprisoned by Parkinson's Disease
Parkinson’s Disease affects one in 500 of the general population – but it’s one in a hundred over the age of 60 and the ratio could go as high as one in twenty among those over 80. Though it is increasingly recognised that it can affect younger people, it is primarily a disease of the old – and with increasingly aging populations in many countries, Parkinson’s is set to become a major health issue with experts predicting anything up to a trebling of those affected! 
Find out more and watch the video.

Is Online Gambling Betting on Trouble?
Over the last few years UK gambling turnover has soared from £2 billion to £50 billion between 2001 and 2005, and online gambling is responsible for much of that growth. University of Birmingham academic, Professor Jim Orford, is an expert on addiction, who has been consulting on a national review of online gambling, which has studied 10,000 people to assess attitudes to gambling. He finds the online gambling trend particularly worrying.
Find out more and watch the video.

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